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 LARKIN, skye aylee, F | 27 | LARKSPUR | CHLOE BENNET
skye larkin
 Posted: May 23 2014, 07:04 PM
Way down 'til the fire finally dies out You've got 'em wrapped around your finger Watch 'em fall down There's something beautiful and tragic in the fallout
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skye larkin

skye larkin

name: Skye Aylee Larkin
nickname: Skye by her friends; Lark or Songbird are her hacker handle
age: 27
birthday: 14/Feb
hometown: Wonderland
occupation: Photography / Hacker
member group: Wonderlander
canon: Larkspur
face claim: Chloe Bennet

abilities: She has a very strong tolerance to poison and can heal others of most plant based poisonings, having been a poisonous flower in Wonderland, it's natural. But healing the poison drains her severely. She’s very agile, flexible and has a knack for acrobatics.

Brief Personality: She is a bit goofy and bubbly upon first contact. But this is just to cover her quick wit and high level intelligence. She is warm to those she cares for, but often responds to others with sarcasm and edgy wit. She has an intense curiosity and a love of travel and movement. She loves electronics and computers and has learned everything she possibly could about them. To the point where she took on hacking as a hobby. Her naturally high IQ made learning anything she wanted, very easy. She’s constantly trying to learn new things and testing to see if she can hack into more difficult places.

Brief History:Larkspur was not quite like her sister flowers. They were helpful and sweeter…Larkspur was more curious and had a desperate wanderlust. She would often make Alice tell her stories of London, finding more fascination in this place than in her home of Wonderland. Alice’s death saddened her greatly, and she became withdrawn from the other flowers.

It wasn’t until the changes began in Wonderland, that she got a slight sense of self. It was as she changed from flower to a human form. She found this form more enjoyable, as she as able to move around and feed her wanderlust. Unfortunately, she got in bad with the Queen of Hearts after being found sneaking into the Palace. Instead of being beheaded, she was forced to do work for the Queen. Often it was stealing or spying, or something that she didn’t want to do.

For years, she was the Queens’ play toy. Until the revolution. Larkspur was told to find and the one who opposed the Queen. She’d done a lot, all of which she regretted, but she refused. Her life was threatened, as it often was, so she pretended that she was going to. When the time came, she couldn’t bring herself to do it, so she ran.

She escaped to London and hid. She became fascinated by computers and learned all she could about them. Her naturally high IQ lent to her learning easily. She came to love hacking. It wasn’t until she found out about a high roller who was taking someone she thought of as a friend, for all their money, that she discovered her purpose. She used her hacking skills to get her friend his money back and from that point on she fancied herself an internet robin hood. She’d hack systems, steal from the rich to help the poor. Sometimes she’d just hack for the love of it, but usually it was to help someone. On her off time, when not being a computer whiz, she makes money as a photographer.

She missed Wonderland, but while the Queen of Hearts ruled, she could not return. When Wonderlanders started showing up and making their homes in London, she discovered the war was over. The man she was supposed to attempt to kill, is now on the throne. She badly wants to visit Wonderland but is afraid. If anyone tells the new King of what she had done in the past, she could be in danger. So she remains living as a human in London.

fini, 27, est, fell down a hole and lived happily ever after
 Posted: May 23 2014, 08:46 PM
I don't know where you're going but do you got room for one more troubled soul?
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skye sounds like an awesome character! there are some great possibilities there and i'm really looking forward to her. ever so glad you made her! c:

now that you're accepted, you can go ahead and post in the following claims:

whos who, face claim, and canons / original wonderlanders if applicable.

hope to plot with you soon!

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