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 Posted: Feb 16 2013, 02:03 PM
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
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the rules


1. One account per character

2. Please register in lower case first last, e.g. john smith

3. Please ensure you have read all the rules before posting anything

4. You MUST be 16+ OOCly in order to register at FBTLG.

5. By registering, you acknowledge the fact that we do not tolerate any harassment or ooc drama between members.


1. There are currently no rules regarding how many canons you can play, though if we feel you're taking on too many- we will speak with you about it. Just try not to be greedy! Especially where main canons are concerned.

2. Your character must be 16+. No characters below the age of 16 will be accepted. This is due to FBTLG being a mature site. Any children will be NPC.

3. You must wait a minimum of 1 week after your last character to make a new one, and must have at least 5 posts on your last character before the app can be accepted, we will check!

4. Please no Mary-Sues or Gary-stus. Especially when it comes to Potential Alices- we'd prefer no direct Alice copies, please be creative!

5. Please do check the face claims and canon list before posting an app!

6. Wonderlanders do not have to have a name that explains their canon. For example, the Rose does not need to be called Rose, neither does the Tigerlily have to call herself/himself 'Lily'.

7. No Godmodding. When in a fight thread, ensure you keep up communication with your thread partner/s and don't control each others character/s!

8. Please make sure your character fits in with the setting! Wonderland/Modern day London only!

9. Your application MUST be 500+ words, so that we can get a clear understanding of personality and history in your application. Thank you!


1. We have a word count of 300+ words per post

2. The only exception to the above rule is rapidfire threads. However, you cannot constantly post rapidfire, if you do so- you will be given a warning.

3. Please use DOHTML templates- below is a couple of links where you can find such templates for posting.

4. Please be active. See activity rules below.

5. No godmodding!

Posting templates can be found at the following locations; Caution, RCR,


1. We are rated M, so we would prefer members to be over the age of 16. To participate in any sexual threads you MUST be 18+ OOCly.

2. While we have no fade to black rule, sex scenes and anything leading up to that MUST be tagged [mature] or [M] in the topic title. we don't encourage graphic sexual threads, but they are not against jcinks TOS and are thus permitted.

3. Violent and Gory threads must also be tagged [mature]

4. Our avatars are 250x400 and signatures are 500x300. The gifs in the mini profile are any square gifs, they will resize. The under avatar images are 200x350.

5. Please be polite and courteous to your fellow members, and respect the Staff team and their decisions. Thank you.


1. We're more relaxed than most sites, but we do require that you post at LEAST once a week on each character, if possible.

2. Try and log in on all accounts at least once a day to prove you're still around.

3. Please be especially active with canons, particularly 'primary' canons.

4. If you go inactive on a canon, it will be taken from you and put up for grabs again. You will receive clear warning if your activity begins to get dangerously low. (i.e. posting only for activity checks)

5. Please post an absence thread if you're going to be away, so that we know you have good reason to be inactive, and so you can be saved for any checks during that time. Please post an estimated date of return, also.

6. If you are classed as inactive, PMing an admin can have your account restored. However, you will only be permitted to bring back ONE character for a trial period of one month to ensure you will remain active.


1. We can ban IP addresses, so please do be polite and courteous to your fellow members.

2. Do not spam or advertise other sites in the cbox.

3. We have no filter, but please do not take advantage.

4. Please try to keep the cbox clean, and free of controversial discussions like religion, or abortion etc.

5. Please register your name on the cbox in ALL CAPS, thank you!

6. You can register for the cbox by clicking 'profile' and entering your name and password. Avatars can be implemented by posting an img link (.png or .gif preferred) in the email section next to your name.

7. If someone has not said hello or announced themselves in the cbox, please do not call them out. They may not feel up to chatting, and they'll wind up feeling guilty if they realise someone said hi and they didn't answer. So please, save your hello's for people actually in the cbox, or guests that may need some encouragement.

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autumn leaves has been skinned exclusively for far beyond the looking glass by asya.
she would appreciate it if you didn't steal/use this skin without her permission.
for full credits, please view the credits post here.