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 DORMIR, amelie rose, F | 26 | DORMOUSE | CAREY MULLIGAN
amelie dormir
 Posted: Mar 31 2014, 06:58 PM
Twinkle, twinkle little bat. How I wonder where you're at. Up above the world so high, like a tea tray in the sky...
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amelie dormir

Amelie Dormir

name: Amelie Rose Dormir
nickname:Ames, Mousie
birthday: So many birthdays/unbirthdays..
hometown: Wonderland
occupation: Waitress
member group:Wonderlanders
canon: The Dormouse
face claim: Carey Mulligan

abilities: The dormouse, or Amelie, as she likes to be called outside of wonderland, holds some reliable abilities in the human's world. She's a spot on maker of tea, ok so perhaps it's not 'really' an ability (but it's of few things the poor thing can be proud of). No the first ability being she is still able to take on the form of a mouse when need be. Mostly in times of danger or fear.

The second is much more keen to impress, in that she has the most uncanny ability to sense when danger is near. She's managed to stop three robberies at the cafe where she works because of this..though a few may have slipped through due to some unfortunate bouts of narcolepsy. Funny how she forgot to mention that in her interview.

The last comes from her placid nature, in which she has the oddest of calming affects on people who speak with her. Though this only extends to the humans of London.

There was a time, in which little Dormouse had absolutely no interest in accessing the world of London. As far as she'd been concerned there was nothing wrong in Wonderland, though who could argue with that logic when a decent 85% of your life was spent unconscious. It's hard to not find solace when one sleeps. However once dormouse began awaking to find herself utterly alone for tea, well that was just no good; so her comrades had forced her hand and after a few (a few being ten or so) cups of tea to rouse her senses she set off.

To say things went smoothly after her arrival is a gross understatement. Half a day was spent on the underground, and not in the sense of being lost, but the mere fact that she fell asleep whilst on the tube.

Awaking from that had certainly been another ordeal in itself. It had been pure luck that within the second day she'd found herself near an overrun cafe in need of an extra hand.

Things seemed a bit kinder in London, and perhaps she could understand why her friends had decided to spend their days here instead. Later she would find not all people were as kind as she first experienced, however it seemed wherever the little Dormouse went, tranquility seemed to follow.

The girl had a certain aura about her, one of peacefulness most people didn't seem to have the heart to disturb. What most did not realize that though is the calmness did not necessarily translate to happiness but of a numbing quality in which the dormouse could not seem to shake off. Despite this she did not mind the effects she seemed to have on people, and found it certainly lent a helping hand in her new line of work. Waitressing was relatively easy on her because of this, any ill-tempered customer seemed to relax at the sight of that soft smile on her face; a smile which once or twice had been mistaken for the use of narcotics. To humans it seemed no person could be that placid without the aid of drugs. This echoed a weary truth but even Amelie did not realize what had been the cause of her demure ways.

For a time, Amelie (having adopted the name after a movie she stumbled upon and finding relatively enchanting) wondered if she actually was on drugs. The numbness did not seem to slip away, much less her narcoleptic fits. The discovery of her condition had been relatively frustrating to her but somewhat endearing to her coworkers and regular customers. 'Of course she had narcolepsy.' they said to themselves, as if it explained so much of her to them.

A sadness began to well in her chest, something she'd not been familiar with before and worried her that perhaps there were side effects to a Wonderlander staying too long in this world.

It seemed a cruel joke that many people seemed quite sweet to Amelie, and befriending people had become as easy as breathing. She assumed it was in relation to her tranquil affect on humans. She was grateful, but felt no real connection to them. She was not conniving like some of her fellow wonderlanders, had no reason to use people and found no fun in it. Then again she didn't know what she found fun, besides tea…and sleeping...

Before the arrival to London as earlier noted, Dormouse had been quite content in the world of Wonderland. Upon waking a few times after word of Alice's demise she'd noticed a muchness of sad seemed to seep into their dear Hatter but she could not understand the why's and how's about it. Per usual this would send her once more into a slumber, thoughts of sadness or much of anything past tea and unbirthdays seemed to put her out. The only debt the young dormouse feels toward Alice is her use as a sort of marker in her existence in wonderland. A sort of pre and post alice of sorts, of course there's not much to tell of pre Alice. Even she can barely comprehend how or why she had ended up with the Hatter and Hare. There is no memory of a family, the love of or for kin, only tea and her crazy compatriots. Until recently she'd never given it a second thought.

Now since arriving and becoming at least a modicum self aware she began to piece together what she'd missed. Obviously a great deal of revolution and even now new not much about it. It was in her best interest, she thought, to just stay out of it. The Cheshire had already set a shiver in her spine before the upheaval and now it seemed like the pussy cat had yet to be tamed. Besides, it's not as if she could possibly be of any use to anyone.

Nine, 25, PST, Tumblr!
 Posted: Apr 1 2014, 04:39 PM
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
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fwgjeriugjirth what can i even say about ames? she is absolutely adorable and just... oh my god can i just hug her tight and never let go? her narcolepsy is just, so very fitting. and she can still be a mouse?? omfg, i want to keep her. i need plots. now. gimme. -grabby hands-

now that you're accepted, you can go ahead and post in the following claims:

whos who, face claim, and canons / original wonderlanders if applicable.

hope to plot with you soon!

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