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 Posted: Feb 16 2013, 01:36 PM
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
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general faq

Do humans know about Wonderland?

At this time no, humans are not aware of Wonderland unless in the case of a failed potential alice, but these must be roleplayed out.

So the Wonderlanders are stuck in London?

No. They're free to go back and forth between Wonderland and London as often as they like- in fact, it's if they stay in London for long periods of time without checking back that they might end up in trouble, depending on how they left things with the King. We'll correct anyone making this mistake upon accepting their app of course, but no, Wonderlanders are not in any way bound to stay in London- just their new human forms, unless they have the ability to shapeshift detailed in their app.

So they return to normal form in Wonderland right?

Wrong! Unless you specified in their app that they can retake their ordinary form (for example, Judas can shapeshift)- they're bound to human form. Otherwise, what need would they have to try and get Wonderland fixed?

How long have Wonderlanders been able to access London?

The Looking Glass has been open for about five years now.

Why London? Why not America?

Because the original Alice was born in England, and spent most of her life in Oxford. Why not Oxford, then? Because not many people outside of England will have any great knowledge in that place, and rather than have two made up places- we opted to use London. It's a well known city, and thus the perfect setting for everyone to get involved with!

Does my Wonderlander have to have a job?

Not at all! Not everyone stays in London long enough to require one. In order to get the necessary Identity records and the like, they'd have to get someone to falsify them for them. The Cheshire cat offers this service, but they'll owe him a favour, and it's up to them if they want to take that chance.

Can I make the Red or White Queen?

Unfortunately not. The way we've set up FBTLG excludes the Red and White Monarchies and instead focuses wholly on the Queen of Hearts and her court. This is to keep things relatively simple. We do however have plenty of other canons for your taking! The Duchess has been suggested as an alternative to the White Queen, as she can be somewhat of a rival (not in power, sadly) to the Queen of Hearts.

*note: currently, the queen of hearts is MIA

Can a Wonderlander and a Human 'get together'?

Providing said Wonderlander can take a human form, yes! Think of Harry Potter where a Veela can have children with a Wizard. It's more or less the same concept, the child will simply have some tell tale traits of a Wonderlander. They won't be immortal unless they live in Wonderland, then the human parent will be too providing they also live in Wonderland.

So I can make a Wonderlander who was from London and crossed over?

This depends! If it was a recent crossover then they'd either be a Card or an Alice- it is very, very rare that any human is given Wonderlander status for nothing. The first human to cross over was Alice herself, so any Wonderlander from before that time MUST have come solely from Wonderland. If you want them or their parents to have crossed over after Alice, this must be cleared with an Admin first. We prefer you not to do this, though.

How do the 'drink me' 'eat me' things work outside of Wonderland?

As can be expected, within Wonderland these things work as usual- you get bigger, or smaller, depending on the substance. However, in the real world- these substances are banned. Oh you can get them and quite a number of other restricted items on the Cheshire Cat's black market, but I wouldn't advise it; the City of London isn't exactly the place for Giants or those standing at a mere six inches!

What about Magic in Wonderland?

It all really depends on the individual. The most magical creature is said to be the Cheshire Cat, who can make the seemingly impossible happen; though it is yet to be known if he truly wields magical powers beyond his evaporating skills. Other creatures of Wonderland may hold some form of magic but other than the landscape, rules and beings being bizarre in comparison to London- there isn't all that much Magic there. Or at least, there isn't any more.

How do the Cheshire Cat's deals work?

If your character fails the three tests, or wants a way into Wonderland without taking them- the Cheshire cat is another route they may take. He can arrange it so that they have a guaranteed position as a card, or he can take them through the looking glass himself- for a price. Think Rumplestiltskin and Ursula from the little mermaid- he can get you exactly what you want, but the cost may be higher than you anticipated. Often, he'll simply call in a 'favour' later, which could be anything- literally. He can also arrange it so that failures can have another chance at the three tests- but generally will take something from them, such as their voice. They'll get it back later, of course... or will they? Basically, unless you're willing to give up absolutely anything to reach your goal; I wouldn't advise it. His reputation for being helpful in the book might entice them, but be assured- he's changed.

How do the cards work?

There are four suits of cards- and they all serve the King. The four suits are arranged in a hierarchical order. The order goes, from bottom to top; Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, Hearts. As you can imagine- the hearts are the elite, the ones that attend the King directly. Everyone starts off as a club, ranging from Two up to Ten, with the Ace being the top ranking Card in each Suit. There are ten people in each suit, and eventually- if you prove yourself enough- you'll be upgraded from a card, to a Wonderlander.

How do you become a card?

To become a card in the King's service you either get an audience with the King through one of the cards, or Wonderlanders; or you can make a deal with the Cheshire cat and be slipped in somehow. Neither route is easy or advisable, but if you're dedicated enough- it should be easy as pie. Of course, getting a letter of recommendation from another Card (the higher the suit the better) is definitely recommended. The White Rabbit has nothing to do with this.

How do you get into Wonderland?

The Wonderlander's use the looking glass to travel back and forth between worlds- but if you're a human, you have your work cut out for you. There are a few ways to earn your ticket to Wonderland;

- Be handpicked by the White rabbit to become a Potential Alice (see the Alice FAQ)
- Make a deal with the Cheshire Cat

Once you have your 'ticket' to Wonderland- your first journey (during the tests, for those becoming a Potential Alice, or after gaining your ticket, if you take another route) will be down the Rabbit Hole. After that, you'll be permitted to use the Looking Glass.

Note: After some confusion, I must stress- there is NO physical ticket.

My Character has an illness, will Wonderland cure it?

No. Wonderland has no magical ability to heal the sick and wounded, you can contract a disease or physical disability there just as easily as you would in the human world. Time moves extremely slowly in Wonderland in comparison to London, thus its inhabitants seem immortal, and are, really. If a human with a time focused disease were to live in Wonderland, the effects of said disease would slow down- buying them (a lot) more time to live. But no, it will not heal, and to go back to London would be to speed up the process once more.

Carrier Pigeons?

The Wonderlanders have always been an eccentric sort, easily spotted generally in London for being a little different in the way they dress, do their hair, or talk. Most of them aren't entirely savvy with the Modern world- Cars at first (and for some, still) pose a significant problem; either through fear or confusion. Crossing a road was one of the first big hurdles! So it can be expected that they'll be a little old fashioned or downright weird in other fields; using carrier pigeons for messages being one of those little eccentricities.

 Posted: Feb 16 2013, 01:37 PM
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
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alice faq

What is an "Alice"?

In the most basic terms, an Alice is a replacement for the original Alice of Wonderland, who fuelled the entire civilization with her imagination. Alice's is not restricted to being female and show some potential in being the sort of person the Wonderlanders can, in essence, obsess over.

What happened to the real Alice?

The original Alice died in an asylum in 1934 of old age.

How does a character become an Alice?

Potential Alice's are sought out by the White Rabbit and, once they have been brought to Wonderland- they must take part in a trial with The Cheshire Cat. The tests are never the same and are tailored to suit that particular Alice's personality.

Your character does not need to be named "Alice" in order to become an Alice but chances are the Wonderlanders will call them Alice regardless of their gender or name. Should you and your character express interest in becoming an Alice, they will be put into the list, and when picked- their member title will be changed accordingly.

To enter your Potential Alice into the tests, you must enter your character on the sign up sheet and, if chosen (by a random draw, once the last tests have been completed)- the admins will set up your character's Alice test.

You can find the Alice sign up sheet here: ALICE SIGN UP SHEET

please note: your Alice characters won't know they're a 'potential Alice' until they receive a PM from the admin.

Note: Your potential Alice account must have 50 IC posts (thread only, communications threads do not count) before they can be tested by Judas.

Can a Potential Alice enter Wonderland?

Unfortunately not, no. Your character may only enter Wonderland upon the day of their test with the Cheshire Cat. If they pass, they can come and go as they please. If they fail, the only way to return to Wonderland is as a Card in service to the Crown.

Can there be more than one Alice?

Yes! There can be multiple Alices!

What does my character do once they've BECOME an Alice?

They'll attend 'classes' at the 'Alice Academy' which is the old, abandoned Bethlem Royal Hospital site. They'll be taught about what Wonderland was like, and what they can to do restore it and keep it safe. These classes will probably be largely NPC, but they'll be more or less based there. They will also be allowed to use the Looking Glass at whim, and will be considered an honorary Wonderlander.

Recognition of Alices

All residents of Wonderland will automatically recognise a potential Alice, thanks to the White Rabbit keeping a constant communication with them regarding the matter, and will be able to offer aid and tips to Potential Alice's they are impressed by. Depending on the Wonderlander, Potential Alice's may have to work incredibly hard to impress a Wonderlander.

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