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Jul 20 2014, 03:12 AM
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like old times

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Few were ever invited to visit Judas’ home in the depths of the Tulgey, and fewer survived the ordeal. Perhaps once upon a time he might have hosted magnificent parties and most of Wonderland would have been fitted into the large mansion but after Alice’s death… it wasn’t to be. His heart grew cold in order to protect himself and with it, his entire manner and view on the world grew darker. He became largely solitary, save for Noah’s near constant company once he found the Duchess’ son (not that the boy knew of his heritage, which was most amusing), but once an Alice came into his life again, this time in the form of his secret daughter, believed by all including Noah to be adopted, he became a little friendlier.<p>
At least, he softened enough to invite two of his most favourite creatures to his home.<p>
The Cheshire Cat had always been fond of Mome Raths, there was just something about them that he found pleasing. He’d protected them, advocating that people not step on them and even when the magic began to fail and they’d taken human shape that had continued, even in his darkness. He made a special effort to keep up with them, to check on them and ensure that they were settled in to their new life. It was rumoured that he’d even got them settled with papers without holding them to a debt but it was unlikely. After all, even Noah had owed him a debt…<p>
So he’d invited them to spend the afternoon in his mansion. He’d even gone to the effort of getting some food in- from the Palace’s kitchens, when he’d been visiting with Jack, entertaining another secret. He rarely ate himself, but he figured they did, and so the large dining table was laid out with a spread of food just shy of the quality that had been served up at the Wedding feast itself.<p>
He’d even opened one of the many always-shut curtains about the place, allowing a little light to fall in the large reception area as he lounged on a sofa with baby Alice resting on his chest. A bizarre and almost out of place show of peacefulness about the Cat as he ran a gentle hand through her growing hair. She was the only thing that could inspire such kindness within him. To anyone else, it would appear that he was beyond such a thing.<p>
The door wasn’t locked, it never was.<p>


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Apr 22 2014, 04:29 AM
It's that time of year again- 'finals'. Well, for me it's just coursework deadlines at the end of semester B. Well, my FINAL semester B. Finishing up my last year at University and BOY IS IT STRESSFUL. I have pretty much zero muse and what I do have, I am going to have to force into writing up;

- 5,000 - 6,000 words of a novel for my Dissertation
- a 3,000 critical reflection on that, including a 100 book bibliography

- a 3,000 extract of another novel
- a 1,500 critical reflection on that

- a 15 page script for a short film
- a critical reflection on that

AS YOU CAN IMAGINE... it's not as fun as 'creative writing' originally sounds. I am close to pulling my hair out since all this is due at the beginning of next month. 17 days. Fuuuuck ;-;


I should be back and posting at top form around 16th May onwards

This affects;

- Judas Alvarez
- Jack Lowell
- Dominic Brooks
- Baby Halden

P.S. My Admin Activity shouldn't be hindered, so if you need me. PM me. I may just be a little delayed, if anything.
Feb 26 2014, 05:51 AM
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It wasn’t often that Judas allowed himself to become victim to sentiment- only one sentient being had ever seen him do so; Alice. Of course, Fintan had been witness to the rage that surged through him upon learning of her death, and had seen the damage dealt by the wounded cat in the hospital that had taken her from him, but he’d only seen anger. Alice had seen the entire spectrum; anger, sadness, guilt, happiness, love… she had certainly been the only creature thus far to ever see the latter, and he’d been alive for a very long time. Nearly a hundred years since her death, in her time at least- and he had still not loved another. Oh, he’d taken others to bed, certainly- he was a cat, and cats were not known for their chastity; but they’d never meant a thing, and he’d never bothered to pretend otherwise. Alice had been the love of his long life, and he doubted there would be another.<p>
This wasn’t the first time that he’d visited her grave- there had been countless times over the years, but this time, he wasn’t alone; the baby that had been given to him out of fear had remained, bizarrely, by his side. He didn’t feel any real affection for it- not that he recognised, but the concept of leaving it somewhere or abandoning it (her, he’d been told after having one of the Court wet nurses look at the baby) with her own kind just didn’t feel like something he wanted to do. So for now, the baby was his companion.<p>
He’d dressed smartly for the occasion, and in mind of the frosty weather- wrapped up in a three piece suit and a thick woollen coat over the lot of it; his hair mussed (she’d always liked it slightly mussed) and his facial hair perfectly trimmed. The baby had been dressed for the occasion too, in modern clothing so as not to confuse any Londoners who may pass by; light pink daisy pants in fleece covered her legs, beneath an ivory and blue striped dress, beneath a thick beige trench coat with the hood up over her woollen hat. Small hands were nestled within knitted mittens, and her feet covered by novelty mouse shoes for Judas’ amusement. All in all, he’d been quite mindful of her welfare- an odd thing, for the Cheshire Cat.<p>
He knelt before the grave- unmarked before he’d procured his own headstone that simply read ‘Alice, beloved by all’ and adorned it frequently with flowers from Wonderland’s own garden- and smiled, a bittersweet expression, all things considered.<p>
“My dear Alice, it’s been a while… forgive me. Things have been quite…” His mouth twisted into a ghost of the chaotic smirk others knew him for; “busy, as of late. The Knave staged a coup, you know… with a little help. He won, too. Jack is King now; did you ever see that coming?” He paused, as if hoping for an answer- before he sighed, bouncing the baby as she gurgled impatiently for attention. “Nobody knows where Lysander and Sienna have gone, not even I- but I doubt they will return. In the meantime, Jack’s finally marrying that girl… Rhiannon Ysandre. That should be very interesting.”<p>
Judas liked to keep Alice updated, it had become a habit when she was alive and now he just couldn’t help himself; he informed her of everything that had occurred since his last visit- as if she could somehow hear him, as if the information was of some use to her. He liked to think it was, wherever she had gone since leaving this earth.<p>
“And finally, I suppose I should explain this,” he held the babe toward the grave stone, mouth twitching when a small mitten-clad hand came out to touch it tentatively, before shrinking back to herself as the child burst into giggles. Inappropriate, really, but it made him smile for being so. “You know how some used to take my jests at face value? Prime example, this child. I’ve become quite attached to her though, I must admit. I’ve even named her… after you, Alice. I cannot keep you from my mind, and thus it seemed appropriate to honour your memory with this child. Her eyes are akin to yours, and her hair is sure to be blonde.” He sighed, holding the babe close, protectively, senses alert to another presence in the graveyard. Not close yet, but getting there.<p>
“I’ll make sure she grows to make you proud.” He muttered softly, before rising to his feet, turning swiftly about to face the approaching figure; his hold on the baby still protective, eyes narrowed and his stance stiff, alert- ready to attack if need be.<p>
Be they friend or foe, they’d almost caught him in a vulnerable state; and that would not be easily forgiven.<p>

<center><a href="">JUDAS & ALICE OUTFITS</a></center><br><br><br>

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Aug 4 2013, 08:12 PM
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Awkward moment when Judas goes full out racist against humans
May 3 2013, 11:56 AM
[dohtml]<div style="width:440px; background:url(; margin-top:15px; border: solid 25px #a0a0a0;"><br><br>

<div style="width:370px; padding:15px; background-color:#5d4847; font-family:narrow arial; font-size:15px; color:#fff; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px; line-height:100%; text-align:center;">and our senses proclaim</div>

<div style="width:392px; text-align:center; font-size:9px; padding:4px; text-transform:uppercase; font-family:arial; background-color:2d2729; color:fff;">572 words | black suit</div>

<div style="width:384px; font-size:10px; line-height:12px; font-family:georgia; text-align:justify; tex-transform:lowercase; color:#000; background-color:fff; padding:8px;">The Vorpal Sword.<p>
It was forged in the heart of Wonderland, designed to be able to defeat the Jabberwocky as no blade had done before. It was a one of a kind weapon, thoroughly unique and only able to be wielded by bearers that it saw fit. The sword had been gifted with a kind of sentience from the start, and with the changing of Wonderland, perhaps it was only logical that it be granted its own body, complete with limbs and a voice. The voice that had failed to be heard when crying out against the lies of its former bearer. Samael of course, the Jabberwocky, arch nemesis of the Sword… had no idea about her new form. Not many people did, it seemed, she’d hidden herself well. And Judas had seen absolutely no reason to enlighten his supposed ‘friend’. No, he’d agreed to retrieve the sword for Samael- but he hadn’t been asked if there’d been any changes, now had he?<p>
Don’t ask, don’t get.<p>
The borders of the Tulgey were dark and silent as the sun had long since set and had given way to the moon as she climbed into the sky to join her children, the stars. No footsteps could be heard for indeed he did not use such a base method of movement. The Cheshire Cat appeared as if a wraith, ghostlike in the way he materialised at the mouth of the cave, eyes glowing in the darkness. He spoke not a word, simply watched the mouth of the cave for a sign of life before taking a silent step forward, lips twisting into a small, barely noticeable smile.<p>
Nothing particularly special graced the cavern- nothing that you might expect from such a noble being of Wonderland; she ought to be adorned with jewels, the kind that used to rest in the hilt of the blade. Judas found it rather interesting that she had not sought out such finery as payment for her work- or perhaps he found her morality amusing. The abode was modest, that was a fact- and currently empty. Another fact.<p>
He could wait. The Cheshire Cat was nothing if not patient.<p>
The moon was high in the sky when movement was spotted at the mouth of the cave. Judas had taken to lounging on one of the rocks in his panther form and remained as such- still as the boulders about him and silent as the grave, blending in to his surroundings as the woman entered her home. His eyes darkened, lighting up only once she was in full view.<p>
“Good evening, my lady.”<p>
The Cheshire’s grin was unmistakable- lit up in the darkness, only his sizeable teeth and eyes visible in the darkness as he watched her for her reaction. Would she show fear, or bravery? It would be interesting indeed.<p>


<div style="width:392px; text-align:center; font-size:9px; padding:4px; font-family:arial; background-color:2d2729; text-transform:uppercase; color:fff;">trololol</div>

<div style="width:370px; padding:15px; margin-bottom:18px; background-color:#5d4847; font-family:narrow arial; font-size:15px; color:#fff; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px; line-height:100%; text-align:center;">it's a dangerous game</div></div>

<div style="font-family: arial narrow; font-size: 10px; font-style: italic; letter-spacing: 1px;">TEMPLATE BY <a href="">TRINITY BLAIR</a> @ CAUTION 2.0 & ATF</div><p>[/dohtml]
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