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Jul 6 2014, 08:40 PM
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Madison exited a shop somewhere on Oxford Street, a couple shopping bags in his hands, and observed the afternoon buzz around the area. He checked his watch: 5 o’clock, it read. It was still light out with plenty of time to do whatever he pleased, but he couldn’t think of what. He found himself wishing he had some company, which was unusual for a loner such as him, but it happened sometimes. Maddie maneuvered his way around locals and tourists alike who were talking about all the fun things they had done and planned to do, until he found a somewhat uncrowded place where he could stop and dig into his messenger bag for his phone. He sifted through the contents – mainly sheet music and candy wrappers – until he found the small white device he’d only just recently purchased and barely knew how to use. The awkwardly tall boy shuffled a little more out of the way to lean against a building so he could scroll through his contacts. It didn’t take him long to decide who he wanted to text, and he quickly selected the person whose name he’d so endearingly entered as “Jackie”.
<p>Jacqueline was the lovely woman formerly known as the Tiger Lily, and a good friend of Madison’s since she’d convinced the other flowers to let him stay in the garden way back when in Wonderland. Maddie couldn’t help giggling at the ridiculous picture he’d caught of her one day they’d hung out together when she wasn’t looking. An older man hobbled past at that moment and glanced at him. Maddie covered up his laugh with a cough and focused on typing out a text.</p>
<p>He didn’t know why he particularly wanted to see Jaq right now. Maybe because he felt like he knew her the best of all his flower sisters, and maybe just because he knew that she knew how to have a good time. Whatever it was, Madison didn’t hesitate to press ‘send’, even after he realized that he didn’t even know if she was in London right now. Oh well.</p>
<p><b><i>hey u busy?</i></b></p>
<p><b><i>I rented a couple movies today but then I realized I don’t have a dvd player. or a tv. do you have one?</i></b></p>
<p><b><i>one of these has animated lions</i></b></p>
<p><b><i>but I mean we don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. I’m just bored. And we haven’t hung out in a while</i></b></p>
<p><b><i>so yeah. I’m on Oxford Street by—</i></b> he stepped back to look at the nearest shop sign <b><i>—Forever 21. if you’re interested</i></b></p>
<p>He ended up sending way more messages than he’d originally intended to, but he just assumed Jaq would laugh at his awkwardness and hopefully agree to hanging out. So he turned off the screen and twirled the device around in his hand and waited for a response.</p>
Jul 1 2014, 02:20 PM
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hiii i did the thing finally. let's party

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Why does it always have to be fire? Why does it always have to be brimstone?

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<p>A bead of sweat fell down the side of Maddie’s face in the warm sun. He was out on his boat, just lounging as he drifted in the sunny part of the sea, only somewhat navigating himself with one foot dangled over the side of the boat into the water. He sighed contentedly. With the sun beating down on him like it has been for the past hour or so, he could feel his skin getting red and hot, but he didn’t really care. He was in pure bliss here, with all his worries pushed aside just for the time being.</p>

<p>Suddenly there was a bump that rocked the boat and shook Maddie from his daydreams. His eyes shot open and he sat up.</p>

<p><b>“Eh?”</b> sitting up so fast left him a bit disoriented and he held a hand to his head until the world around him stopped spinning. Then he leaned over the edge to see what he’d hit.</p>

<p>The boat was no longer moving, he found, and was stuck among some big rocks by the shore that he hadn’t noticed himself floating closer to. Maddie whined in his throat and pulled his legs back into the boat to start rolling up the edges of his trousers before jumping into the somewhat chilly water. He shivered upon contact, but then he rolled up his sleeves and started pushing.</p>

<p>After a couple pushes, the boat showed no sign of budging. He tried once, twice more using all the strength he had and, finally, with quite a distressing scraping sound, the boat came loose and drifted back into deeper water once again. Maddie sighed and blew a straw lock of hair from his forehead. He looked at the damages. Wading closer to the boat, he observed the scraping in the paint on the sides that he’d expected. Then he checked around to the nose and noticed the way it leaned forward into the water.</p>

<p><b>“Ugh.”</b> Upon checking the interior, there was no doubt that a sizeable hole had been put in the front, and that there was now a pool of water forming on the floor at the front end. Maddie shrugged. Fixing the boat would be a chore for sure, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. He grabbed the rope attached to the metal hook on the front and started pulling the boat back onto the beach. He winced as he stepped on various sharp ocean floor objects, and once the boat was safely on shore where the tide couldn’t get it, Maddie flopped down on the soft warm sand and closed his eyes again. He hadn’t finished his nap, but he very much intended to before he’d even think about fixing anything.</p>

</div></td></tr></table><div style="margin-top: -25px;"><a href=""><small>THANKS &hearts;</small></a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Jun 25 2014, 04:23 PM
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<div style=" width: 260px; margin-bottom: 10px; font-family: 'Megrim', cursive; font-size:40px; color: #7d7d7d;">all i know is i’m alive</div>

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<p>Maddie yawned. It was early, but he didn’t mind being up early as much as some people did. It gave him more time to enjoy the day, and he honestly preferred periodic naps throughout the day as opposed to eight straight hours being zonked out. Plus on sunny days like today, he could rest comfortably in the shade of a tree with the gentle hum of people out and about to lull him into a nice slumber.</p>

<p>He was on his way towards the Looking Glass for another day in London, hopefully to make a good number of tips for his hat fund. Sometimes he figured he might as well just move there, seeing as he was there nearly every day and wearing more their style of dress nowadays, but something about the thought of leaving Wonderland permanently put a knot in his stomach that he didn’t like at all.</p>

<p>The thought carried him all the way through the Looking Glass but then…he stopped. Other Wonderlanders filtered past him as he noticed how he felt a bit lighter than usual.</p>

<p><i>Oh shoot,</i> he thought to himself. Reaching over his shoulder, he patted around his back and found that it was indeed guitar-less. Maddie groaned defeatedly as he realized he’d left it by the door so he wouldn’t forget it, but had gotten distracted by the large colorful moth he’d found resting on his screen door and completely forgotten the instrument inside the house. All that walking, and now he had to turn back around.</p>

<p>A few people gave him less-than-pleased looked as he maneuvered his way back the way he came, and in his nervousness unintentionally put up his defenses to go unnoticed just to make the looks stop. But this almost immediately led to a bombardment f shoulder bumps and Madison tripping over someone’s foot straight through the Looking Glass and toppling over someone much shorter than him, and tackling her to the ground.</p>

<p><b>“Oh-oh my god,”</b> he spluttered, <b>“I’m sorry. That’s totally my fault. Oh god. Let me—”</b> He got himself to his feet and reached his hand out to help this poor victim of his clumsiness, avoiding eye-contact.

<div style="width:200px; border-top: solid 1px #d2d2d2;text-align: justify;">

<blockquote>hiii I hope this is okay. Maddie is a bit of a klutz</blockquote>

<div style="font-family: 'Megrim', cursive;font-size: 8px; color: #000; text-align: right;width: 280px;"><a href="">DEB</a></div>

Jun 18 2014, 08:12 PM

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you could 'cause you can so you do
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<div class="love">notes: i deserve to be shot for the choice in title. i even made in nine in the afternoon in the thread hahaaha sorry</div>
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<p>Darkness was just barely creeping into the red sky of the late afternoon this day in London as a young man walked quickly, shoulders hunched, through one of the less inviting parts of the city. Madison didn’t really have to think too hard about putting up his magic defenses before the people he passed seemed to be giving him less and less of the evil eye – his sheer anxiety fueling the hypothetical magic flame – and this gave him a slightly better sense of security. Slightly. He gracefully avoided puddles and cars (a dangerous repercussion of his power: people didn’t notice him, including those driving their 15-ton metal monstrosities) and a guy not even bothering to hide the gun tucked in the waistband of his trousers, until he reached a smaller street (more like an alley with sidewalks) with dimly lit shops lining each side.</p>
<p>Now, this all seemed rather dangerous and out of the ordinary for someone so helpless and fragile as Maddie, but the person in the shop he eventually stopped in front of was someone he knew and trusted. The commute was a pain and a half, but it was worth it, he supposed. Trust was a difficult gift for Madison to give to someone, and this someone he’d known since before he had feet.</p>
<p>The shop sign read “Blue’s Grass” behind a tangle of ivy that had grown up the brick walls over time and Maddie smiled a little to himself at the name. He entered the shop slowly at first, until he was suddenly startled by the tinkling of the shop bell and unintentionally let the door slam shut. Maddie froze for just a second, sighed, then forced his feet to shuffle him forwards into the dark shop. He glanced around a bit, though already somewhat familiar with the layout and what odds and ends stood on countertops and behind the glass cases. Madison’s eyes teared up a bit and he couldn’t help coughing in response to whatever candle or incense was fogging up the whole room. Eventually he found his way to the main counter where transactions were made and he called out into the darkness, trying to make out the figure of the man that owned the place.
<p><b>“Uncle Charlie,”</b> he called, pausing just a moment to consider when he’d started calling the man that. It wasn’t some dealer’s street name or anything; he was actually sort of an uncle to the former flower. <b>“What you’ve been giving me hasn’t been having the same effects as before.”</b> Maddie tossed a clear bag of some dried, green leaves on the counter. From first glance, anyone would have guessed it was just your run of the mill Mary Jane, but upon closer observation, one would notice the purple veins polka dots littering the leaves. <b>“I think I need something stronger.”</b> Now, he knew what that sounded like, but hear him out – this was all strictly for writing purposes. The drugs Uncle Charlie gave him opened his mind to new original ideals. Or, at least they <i>did</i> until his body appeared to have become immune. But maybe he did also just enjoy the effects. No harm there, right? He was not depressed and he was not a junkie. Junkies were the guys you saw bothering people for change on the street, which…okay. He <i>did</i> occasionally play on the street for tips, but it wasn’t like he was desperate for his next fix.</p>
<p><b>“Charlie,”</b> he called again. Where was that caterpillar hiding behind the haze?</p>

<a href="">thanks!</a>

Jun 10 2014, 04:40 PM
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