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Jun 30 2014, 06:31 AM
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It was a massive mistake to drink the previous night. She should have known that, fuck. Though, honestly, she didn’t expect to even be at the wedding in the first place. It was nice and everything, she was glad that the monarchy was getting back on its feet but it didn’t really change much in her life personally. Or maybe it was that she was stuck for a present. Either way, she didn’t expect it.<p>
The wedding was… well, like a wedding. Everyone was forced to make small talk with one another in the crowded palace gardens. It was more… medieval than the ones she was used to… but then again, she supposed the culture shock had it coming. Or, well, whatever. So she was there now with the headache part of a hangover still in place. It was only natural that the first thing she grabbed was a glass of wine. If there was an easier way of getting rid of a hangover, she probably would have gone with that but she was stuck for ideas. It wasn’t like she could just stroll up to Antoinette and ask her help for something so little. Besides, it wasn’t as though this was her very first hangover. She was alright.<p>
Nadine walked around, nodding to and smiling at people. Many of which, surprisingly, happened to attend Judas’ birthday the month prior. It was strange to see so many of them at the same time, again. And this time in Wonderland clothing.<p>
Finally, she spied a familiar blonde… Seraphine. At least that was what she called herself now. The frightening fucking Jubjub bird. Unsure at first, Nadine stuck to doing her own thing before taking a proper look at the woman. She seemed really stressed.<p>
It was obvious to her what she should do, so she grabbed two fresh glasses of wine and walked over to the woman.<p>
“Here, have this.”<p>
Realising that it was almost like she had a death wish, she smiled. First she attends the Cheshire cat’s birthday, now she’s talking to the Jubjub bird and just a few weeks back she was walking around with the Bandersnatch. Go big or go home, huh.<p>
outfit: here

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May 24 2014, 04:50 AM
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Zahirah seemed to not be talking to her. Not that she found it surprising, really, but it was kind of hurtful to realise that keeping something to herself would make it all end up like this. Granted, she was keeping the fact that she was a Wonderlander but then again, it’s not like Zee went around showing off the fact that she was an alice. Nadine supposed that if she played it off as not being in the know about it, it would be alright but Zee saw straight through her. Not that Nadine found it surprising, not in the slightest. It still hurt.<p>
That’s how she found herself here, in the casino, blowing what little money she had. She wasn’t very good at it, not really, but she found it strangely calming. While she realised that it wasn’t the best way to go about it, it was something out of her routine of getting drunk and sleeping with strangers. She found herself worried that she might be growing out of the party scene and that terrified her a little, but soon she will have found out that it was just moods that affected her. Not that in five years of being a real, living human she didn’t. Still, it was surprising.<p>
It was early hours of the morning when she finally exited the casino, with even less money that she had initially but it didn’t matter because she was slightly tipsy and ended up with a few numbers in her pockets. It was all alright, she was back to her little routine.<p>
In her intoxicated state, the lights seemed to be even more colourful than usual and she found herself easily distracted and almost hit by a car twice before waving the drivers off, almost bored.<p>
First off, she was just walking on the pavement… but the next minute, she had barrelled into somebody.<p>
“Fuck. M’sorry.” She mumbled in a half-assed attempt at an apology.

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Apr 26 2014, 04:49 PM
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TAG: OPEN <a href="">△</a>
NOTES: none <3</div><p>

Nadine stumbled over her own feet before clutching onto the girl she walked out with. She didn’t remember her name, but that didn’t stop her from pulling her into a long, deep kiss as they exited the club. She smelt of alcohol and really nice perfume and Nadine smiled at that. There was something familiar about her. She supposed it was the red curls reaching down past the girl’s shoulders. She deemed it silly to be thinking now and continued to kiss the other, one of her hands slipping into her hair.<p>
The night was cool, the wind causing goose flesh to break out on her shoulders and arms but she decided to pay no mind to it. She had to pay attention to her now, because otherwise she would miss her chance. Or so she was convinced, in her drunken mindset.<p>
Nadine slid a hand down the back of the other girl’s dress and honestly, at that moment, she wished she was drunker than she was because she would have no inhibitions… but she slipped the girl her number before leaving her there and walking off.<p>
Hyde Park seemed to be still open, so she entered it and sat down on a bench. She reached to her heels to take them off before looking up at the night sky. There were a few stars but not as many as on the country side (or so she was told, she has never set foot out of London) and every now and again, upon seeing a moving light, even if it was a plane, she would shut her eyes really tightly and make a wish.<p>
She wished that someone would take her from there. That she could just stop having to be the strong one, always, even when all this shit that she had going on. And no, it wasn’t only the stuff that has been going on in Wonderland.<p>
Zee was starting to worry her.

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take me to the finish line

Apr 26 2014, 02:16 PM
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Coming back home was always a little depressing.<p>
It was a reminiscent of what it was before, yet different, still different. Nadine disliked it. She just wished Wonderland would come back to what it was, before. That it would be fixed.<p>
The whole revolution business didn’t help with anything at all, either. It just brought death and despair. She wasn’t sure how many lives were lost. And honestly, she didn’t want to think about it. She’d rather focus on the present, knowing that she couldn’t change the past. That didn’t make her stop wanting to do that, though.<p>
As she crossed the grass, she bit her lip. It used to be a beautiful place but it was no longer that. She wished that she didn’t blame Alice for it all but she couldn’t help it, the resentment still present in her heart. She reckoned that was the reason why she wasn’t big on the new Alices. Wonderland deserved better than that.<p>
Still, even then, she made friends with them. She wasn’t capable of crossing them out at the start, knowing that they weren’t her. That didn’t change how she felt about the original Alice, the little girl that found Wonderland. The little girl that screwed everything up.<p>
Nadine pulled at her clothes, the style having started to grown foreign to her. It was funny, when she thought about it. Because at first, the idea of going to London was something, she would never have considered. But she needed an escape, seeing how terribly corrupt Wonderland has grown… London couldn’t be as bad.<p>
Quickly she had discovered that if anything, it was even worse. But the technology… the people… was what drew her in and she found herself there. That came as a surprise. Given that, from what she heard, not a lot of Wonderlanders liked it.<p>
She crossed her arms and stilled, listening. It seemed like she could hear steps.


<div style="width: 430px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 95%; color: 3e3e3e;"> ZEE | 320 | none <3 | WEARING: THIS |</div></center>[/dohtml]
Apr 26 2014, 11:35 AM
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width: 253px; height: 437px;"></div></td><td><div style="border-top: 15px solid #000; border-bottom: 15px solid #000; background-color:#000; width: 265px; height: 407px;"><center><div style="font-family: 'Annie Use Your Telescope', cursive; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 16px; color:#fff; line-height:80%;">I got my red dress on tonight dancing</div><div style="font-family: 'Annie Use Your Telescope', cursive; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 40px; color:#fff; line-height:90%;">in the dark</div><div style="font-family: 'Annie Use Your Telescope', cursive; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 26px; color:#fff; line-height:70%;">in the pale moonlight</div><div style="margin-top: 10px; width: 220px; border: solid #fff 1px; font-family: calibri; font-size:10px; line-height:105%; padding: 10px; color:#fff; text-align: justify;"><div style="height: 300px; overflow: auto; padding-right: 5px;">

Nadine was exhausted. Not having slept much and having to go to work in the morning didn’t do well for her. But she pulled through, with a double shot of espresso or two.<p>
The previous day, she had met him. Black hair, a bit longer at the back, and piercing blue eyes - she was sold. He was in one of her favourite bars with another man and from what she observed from her place on the dance floor, they seemed to be getting a bit friendly. She hoped that the brunet was like her because honestly, he was really… hot… or something of that kind.<p>
For once, she came back to the flat early from a night out. She didn’t feel like it, anyway. And knowing that she had to work in the morning was another thing. She was being responsible for once. Though it didn’t change the fact that after returning and a brief chat with her flatmate she locked herself in her room and laid in the bed for what seemed like ages before pulling out a laptop and turning it on.<p>
She sat there for a fair few minutes, just staring at the screen absentmindedly before shutting the laptop back down.<p>
The tiredness was showing in her face, her makeup done up a little clumsily. She was sure that the coffee would kick in eventually and so she’d end up staying up again. She was glad she was doing an afternoon tomorrow.<p>
She came back to the flat, not surprised to find it empty, had a shower and changed. In hope - probably futile, but still - to see him again, she quickly did her makeup and went back to the bar.<p>
Seeing as it was a weekday, there weren’t many people out, but she decided to stay, nonetheless.<p>

</div></div><div class="creditfordammitjim">CREDIT: <a href=>DAMMIT JIM!!</a> @ CAUTION 2.0</div></center></div></td></tr></table></center>[/dohtml]
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