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the rabbit hole
the rabbit’s method of travel through the two realms, and where he leads the potential alice’s down for their test. it’s rarely used by anyone else, and hidden well enough that nobody from london can just stumble upon it. sometimes, wonderlanders will use it but… why would you when you’ve got a perfectly clean and easy route through the looking glass?

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the looking glass
situated nearby the palace, in a courtyard of marble; the looking glass is a hive of activity. as can be expected, there is a heavy sense of security about the place. they can’t afford to be too careful, after all. the destination in london can be changed by a switch on the side, operated only by the cards on duty. it can take you anywhere in london that you want to go. it has been known to glitch, though.

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the tea party
once this place was flourishing- the hatter, hare and dormouse would host tea parties almost daily, and their unbirthday parties were legendary. unfortunately, with the gates to london open to wonderlanders and the trio busier than they had been previously, it’s not quite the life of wonderland any more, and often lies vacant- the long table still housing its teapots and cups.

1 14 Oct 3 2014, 12:12 AM
In: I don't belong here//
By: idris lewellyn
the palace
towering above all of wonderland is the royal palace. forged from red stone, it looks truly awe inspiring, and perhaps a little terrifying given its bloody history. on the ramparts are impressive catapults to defend against potential threats, and a moat circles it to keep out the unwanted. it’s certainly a giant of a building, and has several floors, with rooms ranging from gilded ballrooms to lavishly decorated bed chambers. perhaps the most stunning feature is the grand hall, where feasts and public events are held. in its ground lies the courtyard where the guillotine used to stand tall. the gallows are still there, but the guillotine has since wandered off.

3 13 Oct 28 2014, 12:55 PM
In: Special delivery
By: amelie dormir
the palace gardens
a luxurious carpet of green curves around the side of the palace, nestled safely within its walls and adding a welcome splash of colours other than red; though of course, the queen’s red roses still take pride of place. flowers of all kinds can be found here, and though they’re not sentient, they are arguably the most beautiful blooms currently growing in wonderland. this is a peaceful place, for the most part- providing you avoid arousing the ire of the queen.

2 20 Oct 2 2014, 11:43 PM
In: Into the violet skies
By: rhiannon lowell
the royal maze
the cause of many a headache and panic attack; the royal maze is almost impossible to navigate if you haven’t done it before, or if you’re new to wonderland. too many dead ends and the occasional booby trap (thankfully none are deadly, just downright inconvenient- who wants to wait in a net for help to come, after all?), and yet it still remains quite a popular area. probably due to the fountain in the middle- it’s rumoured to have healing properties in the water… but that’s probably bullshit.

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the caterpillar forest
ever wanted to see a mushroom as tall as a double decker bus? you’ve come to the right place. this place isn’t so much a forest… considering there aren’t actually any trees. well, there are a couple but it’s mostly just giant mushrooms. most of them have lost their powers but there are a few here and there that can change your size. if you’re having trouble finding them, just ask the cheshire cat- he’s been keeping tabs. the caterpillar might know, but whether or not he’s in any state to inform you is another thing entirely.

1 0 Oct 27 2014, 11:00 PM
In: look around round round
By: zahirah mcnair-noble
the beach
a large expanse of golden sand snakes around the shoreline of wonderland, framed by a seemingly endless blue sea. the beach is an odd place that doesn’t quite adhere to the time zone the rest of the land follows; it is in a permanent state of day and night simultaneously- split directly in half. nobody is quite sure how it happened or why, but it’s been like that for as long as anyone can remember.

2 19 Nov 17 2014, 04:57 AM
In: cool this body down
By: nadine duffy
the flower garden
the original, sentient flora has upped roots and gone a-wandering, but new flowers have grown in their place. these blooms have no faces, and no voices with which to speak but they are nonetheless beautiful. the occasional mushroom can be found near the fringes, and a few weeds may sprout now and again only to be wrenched from the ground whenever discovered. generally, this is a well maintained and beautiful garden. a lovely, peaceful place to rest.

1 2 Nov 17 2014, 04:50 PM
In: crushed petals in the dirt
By: antoinette beaumont
tulgey wood
imagine the darkest, most terrifying forest you’ve ever been in- and then triple it. tulgey wood used to be quite safe, with the mome raths running about and giving directions, and the cheshire cat curled up in a tree with his playful riddles and mocking directions. since alice’s death, however, it has become as twisted and dark as the cat who calls it home. in the depths, there is a large mansion in which the cheshire cat can be found. whether or not you can survive long enough in the forest to find it is another matter entirely. all of wonderland’s monsters come to play in the tulgey, after all; not least the jabberwocky, bandersnatch and jubjub bird…

1 8 Oct 16 2014, 02:57 AM
In: temporary insanity
By: noah carrillo
all homes that aren’t in the palace go here (with the exception of threads in the cheshire cat’s mansion). for example, these are the homes of the ordinary wonderlanders, and the small cottages built for alice’s upon the passing of their test.

3 9 Dec 4 2014, 02:52 PM
In: loneliest light
By: kennedy hamilton

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