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 Where worlds collide, Jenna/Ellie~
rhiannon lowell
 Posted: Nov 12 2014, 11:27 PM
I wasn't always this way, I used to be the one with the halo. But that disappeared when I had my first taste and fell from grace, it left me in this place. Now I'm starting to think maybe you like it. I'm not an angel
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rhiannon lowell

a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet

Rhiannon had just excused herself from Fintan's company, the white rabbit having plenty to do this afternoon without Rhea wasting precious time. Fintan never squandered time, everyone knew that. Adrift, Rhiannon aimlessly wandered the Palace. The festivities were just beginning and she planned to head into the fray later on, once people began to fill the stands and swarm the grounds. For now, she enjoyed the bustle of cards and Wonderlanders gathering to prepare the castle for visitors. Every banister sparkled with polish and each rug had been hand-beaten and scrubbed to its former glory. Gone were the gory memories of Sienna's misconduct. No more the remnants of a mad queen, other than her very lonely and mentally disturbed Red Knight.

Beautiful tapestries had been unrolled, centuries old and freshly spun all. Rhiannon had brought in a number of wonderful loom-workers to fill the walls, paying them directly from the Castle's hordes of money - now dwindling after all the reconstruction and payments to those who lost loved ones and suffered permanent injuries. There was only so much Rhiannon and Jack could do. But hopefully this could help, even if all the gala accomplishes is bringing the people of Wonderland together.

Rhiannon watched her people running about the palace, busy as bees. She would have continued walking the halls if she didn't spot a head of blonde, somewhat familiar hair. Janine? Jennie? No, Jenna. Jenna Oswald. Her name floated up from the depths of Rhea's memory, tossed among the names of dozens of Cards and ranks. Rhiannon could remember the name but not the suit or rank, not that she cared one bit what level any card was as long as they were loyal and happy. But this girl was familiar for another reason.

She'd heard the name more than once, in hushed tones. This woman had some relation to Wonderland and London, Rhea was certain. She just couldn't recall how or why. Then again, she also knew very little of London by personal choice. Wonderlanders had begun slipping into the human world when Rhea was only seventeen--and she had been much too invested in her future to bother rebelling by going to the secret world of human contraptions.

Curious, Rhiannon stopped in the hall and pondered. Would it be rude to ask the girl? She shook her head. It wasn't rude; Rhiannon was Queen. She needed to understand what Jenna did for Wonderland. Rhea needed to understand everything about her realm and her new home. What could she possibly do for Wonderland if she was ignorant?

"Excuse me, Miss Oswald?"

Rhiannon was glad she remembered the girl's name, it would have been awkward to need an introduction. She approached on light feet, carrying the thick folds of her dress to keep it from getting caught under her feet. Maybe higher heels were necessary. "I'm glad I ran into you." She smiled, a sincere expression. She was too happy to be conniving, and too nervous about the day to have an agenda. She simply wanted to learn.

"I do hope you'll join in the festivities today," Rhiannon dropped her skirts with a swish of fabric and held out her hand. "If you don't mind, I was hoping to ask you a few things."

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