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 ASHFORD, theodore mica, M | 29 | MAD HATTER | SEBASTIAN STAN
theodore ashford
 Posted: Oct 27 2014, 10:43 PM
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theodore ashford

Theodore Ashford

name: Theodore Mica Ashford
nickname: Theo
age: 29
birthday: November 15th
hometown: Unknown
occupation: Tea shop owner
member group: Wonderlander
canon: The Mad Hatter
face claim: Sebastian Stan

abilities: Put simply, Theodore is a living embodiment of madness and insanity- he is, for lack of a better term, mad as a hatter, and is capable of inducing madness in others through touch, though not any touch will do- he must have skin on skin contact, and must be touching their head in order to be able to use this particular ability. The madness he induces can be temporary if only short contact is made, or permanent if the contact lasts longer periods of time.

Further, he is capable of creating a finite pocket of reality disrupting psionic force by manipulating probability fields in his immediate area (roughly 10 yards) to cause unlikely things to happen (E.G- a real gun turning into a pop gun, a tea set that refills itself, pulling something he needs out of his hat, etc) though the more he uses this ability, the more energy it consumes; which he must be conscious of in case he overstretches his powers, in which case his abilities can turn inwards, harming him or creating incredible bad luck for himself.


Her name was Alice.

She was quite a lovely creature; a bit mundane, but lovely. Well, she was terrible at tea time. Rather cross for no reason at times, and she never understood my rules. Really, I only ever had one rule; that there weren't any rules. Simple, isn't it? but some people just don't have a mind for tea. It's an art form of which very few minds have a good grasp... a shame really. Tea is rather good, I love black currant tea, it's such a full flavor, and then when you add a lump of sugar and a bit of milk it's just divine. And perhaps some honey. Yes, honey is quite good. Oh! and then sometimes if you add just the tiniest sprig of mint, and perhaps a bit of cre-

Of course, Alice. Yes, miss Alice Liddell. She was quite bad at the whole tea time thing; but my was she good with the rules of Wonderland. She had a way about her, that girl- something special. Even if she was bad at tea, she was absolutely pivotal in our little world. It was vibrant, and colorful, and pretty, and wonderfully mad! Alice was such good entertainment, and then she had to ruin all of my fun and disappear.

Now, she was bad at tea, we've established this. And, as we all know, being bad at tea is a cardinal sin- but I overlooked it, see, because I am a fine, upstanding gentleman of society, and I can look past such a terrible blight on one's personality, because of course she harbored a very similar outlook to me- she wanted a world that was nonsense, and I am nonsensical! a match made in heaven I tell you!

but her disappearance made Wonderland lose it's vibrancy. Still, we held out hope for her, and there were things.... quiet things that hung in the dark corners of civilised conversation... mutterings, whisperings, gossip; the kind of thing that one discusses in great detail at my tea parties. It was said that the Cheshire cat visited her often, and that she was aging. First she was a young woman, then a woman, then a mature woman, then an old woman...

Then she was no more. Alice Liddell was dead. She is at a great big tea party in the sky, probably asking fool questions because she could never understand the rules of tea time, bless her poor soul. And wonderland fell apart. Alice was a link, she was the foundation that kept us afloat. She was much more than many of us expected her to be to our little world, and with her passing... well...

That flaming harpy ruined tea time.

It was as if she was sucking the life out of Wonderland- tea time was no longer fun, my company began to leave, my tea sets were not listening to me, and some were being quite ornery, and things began to dim. It was gray, and after living in a world with such vibrancy, it was hard to look at the grays and the monochrome and see the beauty in it. When you can no longer see the color of your fine china, what do you do?

....that was not a rhetorical question. What do you do?


Well simple! you destroy your tea set in a fit of rage and by a new one!

Alice was old hat- she was gray, and we needed color! so the white hare said he could find new Alices! many of them! and hopefully one of them would be good with tea time and would understand what that meant and my rules! I went up to the world above, and was struck by such.... such......


It sickened me. Where was tea time? where was the leisure of sitting and discussing such important topics like the wonderfully mismatched pattern of my spats? or the March Hare's lovely shade of..... anyway, it wasn't here. It wasn't in the world above. But what can a hatter do but join in the hustle and bustle? I am an entrepreneurial sort of gentleman, and as such I opened up The Mad Hatter's tea shop! part tea shop with only the best teas, part coffee shop for the... less refined who prefer coffee beans and whipped cream to the wonderful amazingness that is tea, and I even sell hats! Yes! hats! 10 schillings and sixpence!

But no one knows what that means. So 5 pound for one of my fine hats.

But it isn't the same. You'll often find me back at my table in Wonderland, waiting on company that never wants to come. Or can't anymore- or is too busy trying to find a new Alice, and to restore Wonderland to it's splendor. You're the first visitor I've had in quite some time here, you know. I feel like an outsider at times; I don't concern myself with finding Alice, but maybe I suppose I could be more involved. But how can I? now that Cheshire is so... well.... since he's changed, and since the world up top has gotten to the others... what can a Mad Hatter do? how do I shift events to benefit the wonderlanders?

How can I? I'm just one man.

Ah well! Can't be everything I suppose. Would you care for some tea?
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 Posted: Oct 28 2014, 05:05 AM
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
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AHHH! Okay so this app was beautiful and so are you. Your Hatter is delightfully mad and I'm looking forward to seeing him in action on the site =D Looking forward to plotting with you and writing with your Hatter!

now that you're accepted, you can go ahead and post in the following claims:

whos who, face claim, and canons / original wonderlanders if applicable.

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