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 Posted: Sep 2 2013, 02:27 PM
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
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Clothing in our version of Wonderland is very much inspired by Medieval fashion- which you can read some about here. Modern clothing will only be found on those who originally came from London and have yet to adapt to Wonderland's style, or those who've visited London and returned wearing it's fashion. Traditionally, all Wonderlanders will dress as stated in this section, especially in Court. Below are some links to Medieval fashion to help inspire your choices with your Wonderland characters, as well as some FBTLG specific designs cooked up quickly on templates by myself.

Think 'Game Of Thrones'.

some womens clothing

more womens clothing

a mans outfit, likely just above lower class

mens clothing

male lower class
female lower class
male medium class



- bread (typically made by themselves)
- meat (usually self-farmed - sometimes poached)
- fruit/vegetables (self-grown)
- mushrooms (taken (at risk) from the caterpillars forest or self-grown)
- wine (when they can get it, usually they just drink water)
- weak beer and rum


- bread (made by the best of lower class bakers)
- meat (bought from a butcher, finer cuts than lower class, never poached)
- fruit/vegetables (selected from markets from farmers best stock)
- chocolate and sweets (expensive, usually only for special occasions)
- wine (better quality than what is available to lower class)


- bread (from their own, personal kitchen staff)
- meat (finest cuts from the best butchers, never poached)
- fruit/vegetables (from the finest markets)
- chocolate and sweets (eaten more frivolously than middle class)
- wine (best quality, sometimes from their own stock depending on the family)


- bread (from the royal kitchens, usually more than a simple loaf e.g. olive bread etc.)
- meat (only the finest cuts, from the royal stocks, pheasant and venison are a delicacy)
- fruit (only the finest from their own farms, pomegranate is only available to royalty)
- vegetables (only the finest, and more variety than the lower classes)
- chocolate and sweets (always available, tarts are the signature dish)
- wine (best quality, always available, from the royal vinyards)


Again, as with everything to do with our version of Wonderland here on FBTLG- think Medieval. Instruments are usually harps, lutes, organs, flutes, drums and the like. Pieces of music similar to greensleeves and even songs similar to the bear and the maiden fair and other songs sang in GOT are typically played. You'll find no slipknot or lady gaga here!


- Walking
- Horses
- Carriages for the higher classes

the court

The court is always resided over by the King, with their counsellors at their side and a jury of the condemned's peers. In contrast to the previous court, the jury and counsellors take more part in today's trials- as Jack prefers the concept of a fair trial, like his Uncle before him.


- Beheading (under the new rule, reserved only for the most brutal and heinous of crimes. typically the guillotine, though an axe or sword can also be used)
- Torture (for very serious offences (treason, and the like), using an array of medieval torture devices. Usually leads up to execution)
- Removal of a limb (hand for theft, tongue for speaking out of turn to the monarchy etc. this punishment is not always carried out, but frequently threatened)
- Flogging / Whipping (for large offences that somehow do not warrant execution or torture, though this itself can often lead to disfigurement or heavy bleeding / scarring)
- Beating (for minor offences, though it serves as a good deterrent)
- Stocks (shackled in the stocks in a public forum for any number of days without food or water- assisting anyone in the stocks will grant the helper the same punishment)
- Imprisonment (the length of time depending on the severity of the crime)
- A fine (the kindest punishment, though it can certainly be extortionate)
- Basically, don't commit crimes...


- Rubies (highest form of currency, typically only upper class / monarchy)
- Gold (second highest form of currency)
- Silver
- Bronze
- Trade / Bartering system


- Croquet
- Theatre (they've adopted a lot of Shakespeare via Alice)
- Swimming in Wonderland's lakes
- Hot springs by the sea/mountains
- Music
- Balls thrown at the Palace (medium and upper classes only, at invitation of the monarchy)
- Lower class parties thrown in houses etc.


Wonderlanders fight with swords, warhammers and the like. Guns are not native to Wonderland (though they do have the capability to design them with the Dodo's innovative mind) and they generally look down on the use of them as being dishonorable. It is one of the main reasons why many Wonderlanders look down on humans and their cowardly ways in battle (i.e. using guns and bombs and grenades)

Catapults and Archers defend strongholds, though both can also be used on the battlefield, though it's rare (catapults, archers can be frequently found in the field, the more skilled ones upon horseback).

Ambush's and small battles are usually fought on foot, though some may fight on horseback- whereas planned battles are usually begun on horseback. It is simply the way things are done.

medical care

There are hospitals in Wonderland, though they're not nearly as equipped as those in London. Again, think medieval. They're more the large houses of Doctors than hospitals, with around two Doctors in each town and perhaps one per village, though some villages are known not to have a Doctor, and need to send a rider to the next village. Their methods are rudimentary at best and yes, they do still use potions and herbs and leeches and the like for things. The Monarchy have their own personal men of medicine within the Palace, and these are, of course, the best in the land.

Many Wonderlanders typically do not trust modern London medicines.

There are many special herbs that assist with contraception, that women can chew or take in a tea to keep from becoming pregnant, or to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

The removal of a limb has a 50/50 survival rate.

One herb (whose leaf is chewed to prevent pain) used in surgery can become quite addictive, as it dulls the senses and pain and leaves the user feeling content with all things; it is named 'moon grass', and is usually used only as a last resort, as if it is chewed too often for too long, it can begin to permanently dull the senses and the intelligence of the user.

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